Sunday, January 20, 2013


Lucie's Treasures blog is finally here!

We're way past the first half of January so it's about time I made this New Years resolution happen.

Now I do wish I could just skip the first blog post all together and start writing what I really want to write about, but I guess a little introduction is in order :)

My name is Lucie and I am the owner of Lucie's Treasures Boutique. As if being a full time mommy of 2 wasn't enough I decided to open up a little shop with children's clothes, accessories and toys. Obviously I can't just stick with one, because there is so many cute thing to be made so much beautiful fabric to be bought.

After last year being so crazy I decided it's time to take my business (and my life) in a different direction. I'm going to go more in depth about the changes in another post, but one of them is this blog.

This is to be the place where I share with you what's going on with my life and my business, my thoughts, ideas and inspiration. I am planning on writing some tutorials as well, so if there is anything you would be interested in, let me know!

Please, don't hesitate to leave comments! Any and all feedback is appreciated :)