Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chalkboard Lettering Tutorial

I have a small craft fair coming up this weekend so I needed to fix up Lucie's Treasures business sign. After my daughter completely messed up the chalk drawing of my logo at the last event I decided to go the permanent way. So no more redoing the whole sign at the actual event. 
I used a chalkboard insert and my 16x20" Poppy Tree Frame. Go check them out, they have a great selection of beautiful frames of all shapes and sizes. 

You can download/print the full size image here.
Tutorial template by Birdesign.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Yarn Love

Wow! It has been almost two weeks and I haven't written anything. My parents were visiting so I am going to take that as an excuse.
I haven't been able to sew much lately either and I am going through a bit of a withdrawal. I have two aprons to finish (one for St. Patrick's Day, other one for Easter) and a Christmas present for a friend. No, I am not that good, I'm that bad.
If my husband finally signs me up, I will be bringing the aprons to the Craft Fair that's happening next weekend on Spangdahlem. They will be available for pre-order and since my almost three-year-old decided to stop taking naps I will be only taking a few of those. But trust me - they're adorable.
This is the only creative thing I have done during the past few days (not counting painting with my daughter). Yes. I have entered the world of crochet. After finding this yarn at a local craft shop and watching a few video tutorials online I began crocheting my first cowl. I had to start it a few times because I wasn't happy with the way it was coming out, but now it's a pretty smooth sail and I can see a few more of these in my future.

And to wrap this post up, I thought I would answer a few questions to help you know me a little better - sewing wise :)

How old were you when you began sewing?
Both my grandmother and my mom were seamstresses so I basically grew up with with pins and needles around me. I remember getting a pattern book one Christmas. So while my sister would cut a rectangle out of fabric, made a hole in the middle, put it over Barbie's head and tie it around her waist I had carefully traced out my pattern pieces and began sewing a dress for my doll. I remember it to this day. It was a long white dress with pink velvet trim, all done by hand. I loved it. Later on, my mom taught me how to sew on a real sewing machine and I remember making a top for myself. When I wasn't sewing, I was tracing out patterns for my mom or otherwise helping her in her sewing room.

Is sewing a hobby or a job for you?
Sewing definitely started out as a hobby for me. But for almost 2 years now it has been a bit of both.
When I was growing up I would never think I would follow in my mother's and grandmother's footsteps. But somehow I did and it's the most fulfilling job I could have. I am looking forward to the day when both my children go to school and I can just spend the day creating pretty things :) But that's going to take a while considering my youngest is just 5 months old.

About how many hours a week do you put into sewing?
That varies a lot. Before my youngest was born I would sew even 40 hours a week, but now with a baby and a toddler doesn't take naps any more I barely get 5.

What is your favorite thing about sewing?
I'm going to have to say fabric shopping :)